The Cigar Club Association The CCA is an association made of many Clubs locatedthroughout the country and abroad. The Association promotesits activity through the Clubs themselves, which are the true core!
The CCA The CCA includes three types of Clubs: Member Clubs, Associate Clubs and the CCA Virtual Club. Youwillfindall the features and advantages of being a Club member of the Cigar Club Association below! For more information about the “Virtual Club CCA” click on the dedicated section!
If you are interested in enrolling your Club in the CCA proceed to the section “Associare un Club”, where you will find all the necessary information! Member Clubs are all those Clubs which, due to their history and merit, are the true beating heart of the Association. Member Clubs are the only ones with the right to participate and vote in the Cigar Club Association Members' Assembly.
What are the benefits of being a Club Member?
Member Clubs receive 25 copies of each quarterly issue of the magazine “SIGARI!”; have the right to vote in the assembly and offer the possibility to their members to hold positions within the bodies of the CCA; have the opportunity to promote their events through the association's channels and to participate in events organized by other member clubs; they have the possibility to organize the Entrenamiento Basico course and the Catador Course and to receive assistance for the organization of events or activities and can take advantage of the numerous agreements that CCA has stipulated for its members.

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